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Andy Crowley take 2

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Topic: Andy Crowley take 2
Posted By: Andy Crowley
Subject: Andy Crowley take 2
Date Posted: 6/11/19 at 8:50pm
I couldn't remember my log-in info from a billion years ago, so here we are. I think this is year 10 or 11 for me in the games with about 5 or 6 years in the middle where I didn't lift or train and threw quarter assed at best. This year I've thrown two competitions. Once well. Once like absolute butt. Being wildly inconsistent is a trend that has plagued me for years. I figured logging again may help me see If there are any patterns that help or hinder games performance. Also, I forget what I do week to week because I only actually program the big 4, otherwise I train kind of intuitively on accessory exercises. I figured I'll just start by logging my most recent workouts for each lift (bench, squat, deadlift,strict press) then go from there. Next competition is June 22nd.

Bench (last monday)
1x13@205 much pain in left ac joint(allegedly)
DB incline 3x10@80s ouch
Skullcrushers 4x5@75ish 5 second tempo down
Pushdowns 4x20 and some weight

Bench (yesterday)
135x sweet baby jesus that hurts. Towel thrown in. I'll deadlift instead.

Warm up 135xsome 225xsome 315xsome
Working set w/ belt and straps 375x15

1.5 inch deficit deads

Barbell Shrugs 3x8@315
Chest supported DB rows 3x8@70s
face pulls

Squat (last friday)
Warm up 135xsome 225x5 315x5 365x3 put on belt 405x3
Working sets 295x2x10, 295x13 done as beltless EMOM

RDLs 3x10@295 I think

Front squat 3x5@ 225 255 275, 295x3

Strict press (today)

Warm up 95x8 115x5 135x3 155x3

Working set 140x11 I'm a terrible presser

Push press speed doubles 185,185,205,205,205
Smith machine seated press 3x5@185 2x12@135
Single arm lateral raises 3x8@30s
Dips- 3x10@me+65lbs
Overhead cable tricep extedies 3×20 @whatever dropset,dropset,dropset,done

As you can probably see, I like to do the power lifts as my core movements and follow up with some bodybuilding type accessories because they make me feel good. I'm about 8 months removed from being completely detrained and skinny fat, so watching my body change has been cool and fulfilling/motivating. I don't do curls though. Don't get me wrong, I want to, but having both chronic biceps tendonitis (self diagnosed) and ulnar neuropathy (actually diagnosed) has ruled them out along with pullups (good riddance), barbell rows, and cleans(I miss you).

Throws last week some time

Heavy hammer-nothing crazy. Probably 6 throws between 70 and 75. Decent training marks for me. I never throw our hammer well.

Light hammer- same as heavy. All around 95ish. Shrug.

16lb stone- stands up to 37ish. Forgot my cleats so glide in moccasins up to 40ish and fell down pretty good once. These are starting to come back. Getting back to fundamentals.

Couple throws with the 56 in moccasins to try to stop myself from leaning left so hard and actually countering the weight properly. Didn't fall so success!

My left shoulder hurts real bad when I bench so I'll probably stop doing that and just do ohp variations twice a week for a while. No lifting tomorrow. Hopefully throw the 42 a few times weather permitting   . Maybe some puds, buuuut probably not.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 6/12/19 at 7:32am
Yay more Crowleys! 

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/13/19 at 9:55pm
Originally posted by TheJeff696 TheJeff696 wrote:

Yay more Crowleys! 

I've only ever heard that sarcastically before.

Anywho, throws today.

56 wfd. It's heavy. Took 6 or 8 throws. Best of 27'6"ish. It took me a minute to remember how to throw it, but I think it will be a good training tool especially in regards to pushing the weight and being patient. There is no dragging the 56b without falling all over the place. Need to translate that to the 42.

28- 5ish throws. Best of 58 on my last throw. Finally finished out over the trig in a linear manner. Didn't do much else right on that particular throw so that's encouraging. Would have liked to do more, but my hand said nay. And I was tired.

16lb stone. Stands best of 37. Fulls best of around 40. Most throws in the 38-39 range. Trying to unlearn bad habits is difficult, but it's heading in the right direction. I've been throwing shot/stone for like 18 years, but somewhere along the line decided to ditch all the fundamental basics of throwing. Needless to say, not the hot ticket. Threw the 14lb stone afterwards. Went less far than 16. I chalk it up to fatigue and lack of damns given.

And that was that. A good amount of throwing volume for me with still keeping the reps pretty quality. I liked. Back in the gym tomorrow for squart. 10+ AMRAP @330. Ugh cardio. Also other leg stuff, maybe.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/14/19 at 9:29pm
Squat todeeey.

AMRAP@330 fueled by Mighty Mighty Bosstones-"Green Bay, Wisconsin" got 13. Kind of disappointed even though it's 10lb rep PR over last cycle. I knew before the set that it wasn't going to go great. I made the mistake of taking too long before the set. I sat down for like three minutes. Mistake. I usuallly just pace around for like a minute and then get after it. When I got up to the bar I just felt cold and not in the right mindset. I'll remember that in the future.

Front squat
225x5, 245x3,275x3 with a pause in the hole on the third rep. This was not intentional. My brain wasn't getting a whole lotta blood and I think I just forgot what I was doing. Went up surprisingly fast though. Followed by 295×1. It moved fast but the world was closing in on me and unconsciousness was a'comin' fast. Back down to 225x8 w/ an intentional pause in the hole.

225x8,315x5,335x5,335x8,225x12 w/ pause below the knees. I really dig pauses for pretty much everything. It reinforces maintaining tightness and explosiveness from a dead stop. Plus I think it's beneficial to become comfortable in the least comfortable portion of a lift. Maybe it's just me though.

Bulgarian split squats
2x12 each leg w/ 50lb dumbbells. I'm very bad at these. I think I've neglected unilateral leg work for too long.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/17/19 at 8:29pm
Speedy deads
135×10 225×8 315×5 405×4×2

2.5" deficit deads also speedy
405x2x2, 315x3x3

These felt fast and awesome.

Clean grip high pulls from high hang
135x8 185x5 225x3 225x5
Almost hit myself in the teeth a bunch. These felt pretty good. It was very tempting to catch them, but I know that would be dumb.

One arm db rows. Bent over with hand on a bench

100sx3 110sx3 110sx3 110sx5 squeezy pause at top on all reps

Cable machine face pulls

The plan this week is to move medium-light weights fast. Decent intensity with lower volume. Plan to shut it down after Wednesday in preparation for the Belvidere games on Saturday.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/18/19 at 8:14pm
Speedy strict press
Against skinny red bands
Barx8, 95x3,95x3,115x3, 115x3
Lose the bands
135x3,155x3,165x3,165x3 (not speedy enough)
Back to 135x3x3

Dips (surprisingly pain free)
Me x 10, me+70x5, me+80x5,5,8

Leanie one arm db lateral raises
20sx15,15,20 per arm

Seated cable rows with wide grip

Tricep push downs


Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/20/19 at 9:34am
Throws after work yesterday

42 wfd started wierd and got better. Probably took 8 full throws. Best of 38 high. It was smooth and right down the middle, so that's cool.
Distance was whatever.

Light hammer somewhere between 6 and 30 throws. I don't remember. Best of 98. Again, whatever. Started figuring things out only as I became fatigued.

16lb stone. Standsx3 best of 37. Fulls x8? Most between 39 and 39 slightly higher. I'm doing things right in pieces. Need to put it all together. Very frustrating.

42 wob pulls no hook grip
No idea how high they went but they felt good. Some of them even arced so that was neat.

I was planning on shutting it down after yesterday, but I kind of want to squat today. Luke told me not to. I'm probably going to. Suck it, Luke. For real though, I feel like a throw better when my legs are a little sore. I think it makes me conscious of the fact that I have legs and can indeed use them during my throws. We'll see.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/22/19 at 11:06pm
Belvidere, IL games

Sheaf-24 blah. Low point of the day. Height was great. Aim was not.

Wob-15' cool with me. Had some bar smashing pulls at 16. Encouraging.

Braemar-31' happy with that. Ugly 23lb stone that I never throw well

OS- 42' very happy with that. Things finally clicked plus it was a very comfy stone.

HW- 40' I'll take it. I know I had a bigger throw in me, but I feel good about it.

LW- 60' felt like an out of control tornado of flailing legs, but hit a decent enough power position and threw it hard. Bueno

HH- 76' not great not terrible

LH- 98' same as heavy

Caber-11:45 then the caber broke and we were given a big ol' bitch of a caber. No turn.

All and all, I'm quite pleased with my performance. No PRs but not far off on anything. Except sheaf. F sheaf. Jane and Jason Clevenger always put on a great games, and this one was no exception. Can't say enough about how awesome they are. Now back to gym stuff starting Monday...maybe. My next games probably won't be until La Crosse Irishfest in August, so lots of time to get stronger and better.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/24/19 at 2:28pm
Strict OHP

Barx15, 95x8, 115x5, 135x5, 155x3, 120x4x8, 120x10

Smith machine seated press
135x5, 185x3x5, 135x2x10 tempo 3 seconds down, one second pause, kaboom

Left shoulder felt poopy so I just did bodyweight for 3x15 with 20 seconds rest between

Lateral raises
3x15@20s done unilaterally 1x8@30s bilaterally. These felt bad

Cable overhead tricep extendees 3x15

Cable curls. Really light just to try to get some blood to my hurty stuff. 3x12. Not sure whether it did anything or not but it didn't hurt and I got a nice pump

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/25/19 at 9:16pm
Everything felt like butt today.

4x8@335 1×12@335
Everything moved fine but I just felt bad. Too sweaty. Breathing too hard. Stomach turning.

2.5" deficit deads

335x2, 365x2, 405x3, 315x5, 315x12
Actually felt better than regular deads, but my body still felt off.

I cut it off there. Maybe I'll do my back stuff later this week. Probably not though.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/27/19 at 9:39pm
More overhead press
Skinny red bands+barx8,95x5,115x4x3
Lose the bands
Still suck at pressing

Push press
These are hard on my knees. Probably doing something wrong.

Dips. Pain free today for whatever reason.
Bodyweight x12, me+75x5, +95x5, +100x2x5, +65x10 drop the weight immediately followed by bodyweight x12

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 6/28/19 at 8:32pm
Barx20,135x10,225x5,315x5,365x3(put on belt)405x2,435x2
285x4x8 beltless,285x14 w/ belt

Front skwaat

Pause in the hole

So ends a rough week of lifting. I think the games last Saturday took more out of me than I realized. I proabably should have taken a low stress week and allowed myself to recover a little better, but I didn't. Maybe next time.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/01/19 at 9:30pm
Strict OHP


Bodyweight x12, +70x3x7, bodyweight tempo 5,1,0 x 3x5
These felt like crap today. Not hurty just harder than they should have been

Leanie single arm lateral raises

1x30@15 bilateral

Skull crushers
3x12@ whatever 25s on an EZ curl bar is
1x5@ 5,1,0 tempo. Same weight. Good burns

Single arm overhead cable extensions
Double arm 1x20

Bilateral dumbell curls
3x15@20s for the pumps

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/02/19 at 8:52pm
135x10,225x10,315x5,370x7,7,7,add belt 12

2.5" deficit pulls

Barbell shrugs
225x10,315x8,365x5,5,8, immediate dropsets 315x12, 225x20

Single arm DB rows

Face pulls

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/04/19 at 6:30pm
4th of July workout with Luke and Katie.

Strict press against skinny reds
Lose the bands

Seated db shoulder press
8,8,8,10@60s. Pause at the bottom of each rep

Lateral raises,skull crushers, various fiddle-farting around.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/04/19 at 10:43pm
Late afternoon throws. I felt creaky and horrible coming into this. I was muttering about how terrible everything was and how throwing today is a mistake as I laced up the old cleats. Turns out I have no idea when I'm going to have a good throwing day because today went purdy swell.

16lb open stone
Stands best of 38.5
Glides best of 40
I should probably be getting more than a foot and a half out of my glide, but I still feel good knowing there's more there.

22lb braemar best of 32.5. Felt good. Our stone is not a flyer.

Light hammer
Bladeless 3 winds best of 96
With blades two winds best of 104. Most throws were 97-99 but it was nice to finally catch one. Things were learned today for sure.

Lightweight best of 59. Didn't really hit my positions well, but I went fast and threw kinda hard. My body was done listening at this point.

Night sheaf- some went real high. Most went wierd.

Posted By: BrainSmasher
Date Posted: 7/04/19 at 11:07pm
Yep I seen it... he threw dat hammer real far.

Luke Crowley
Everything. All the time.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/06/19 at 10:52am
Squat yesterday
Barx20, 135x10, 225x5, 315x5, 365x3 415×2, add belt 460x1
Remove belt again 3x7@320 put belt back on 1x12@320

Pause in hole front squat 3x3 @235,245,265
No pause 1x6@275

225x10, 315x8,5,5, 225x2x10

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/08/19 at 4:38pm
Strict OHP
barx15, 95x10, 115x5, 135x3, 145x10, 155x4x3

DB lateral raises

Seated DB press
45s×10,70sx2x5,60sx2x8 w/ pause

Bodyweight x 10, +60x3x8, bodyweight x burnouts

DB curls

Cable tricep overhead extensions
20,15,12 @progressively more rectangles

Not the order I wanted to do things in, but the gym was bumpin' and I had to jump on whatever was available. Not too shabby considering. 145x10 is a rep PR. I still suck at pressing.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/09/19 at 6:35pm
135x10, 225x8, 315x5, 365x3, 405x12

1.5" deficit deads

Barbell shrugs
225x10, 315x4x10, 225x2x12

Seated cable row

Face pulls

Chest supported db rows

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/10/19 at 8:49pm
Ill-advised OHP. I was considering not logging this because of how poop-stupid the workout was. I usually take Wednesdays off or throw on Wednesday, but today I felt compelled to press. It was a dopey dumbdumb idea. Nothing I had done in the past two workouts would point to having a good pressing day. Spoiler alert:I did not have a good pressing day

Strict OHP
bar x15, 95x8, 115x5, 135x3, 155x2, 175x1, 185xNope, 185x3x1, 190xNope, 190x1. Missing reps is stupid. It's nice to know I can come back from it, but I need to do it right the first time and every time. Sloppy.

Since that went so well, might as well push press too.
190x3, 205x2, 225xNope on first rep, got it easy on the second, 235x2nopes, 235x2nopes. I'm stupid. Pushing the weight out instead of up.

5x5@me+85, 12@+45, 2xbodyweight burnout.

Pressing probably would have been fine today if I would have just stuck to my usual second pressing day routine of bands and speed reps, but I decided to be a bro and go too heavy after hitting amraps in ohp and deads the two days prior. Not sure what I expected. Lesson learned. Maybe. This log stands as a reminder to not be an asshole and stick to the program.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/13/19 at 5:47pm
7/12 squatting

Bar x 20, 135x10, 225x8, 315x5, 365x2, 405x2, add belt for AMRAP and then things go bad. The goal was 8+ at 350. Got 8 reps and felt kind of tired so I decided to the hole. I don't know why. So I took a nice 5 second pause and grinded out the 9th rep. So dumb. Everything was feeling off that day, my brain included. I decided I'd do a couple more sets at that weight just to get some volume and work some things out. First set: unrack, go down, pause, what the hell. Stand up, rack it. Get my head straighter and take it for 2x5. Okay. That's done whatever. Move on to fronts.

Front squats actually didn't feel too bad.
225x5, 245x3, 275x3x3. Call it good.

Now I'm at a conundrum. I'm feeling beat up and want to take a deload week, but I'm going on vacation the week after and proabably won't be training at all. I'll probably just struggle through the first week of the 5s block and then use vacation as my deload.

7/13 throws
Did braemar, open, heavyweight, lightweight, bladeless light hammer, and wob pulls. No notable distances but good enough reps for the amount of fatigue I'm feeling.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/15/19 at 10:07pm

Barx20, 95x10, 115x5, 135x5x5, 135x10

Bodyweight x 10, +70x8, +90x5,5,7, +45x12,10

Alternating side and front raises
20s x10 each way x 4

DB curls
25sx10 30sx2x10 20sx12

Overhead cable tricep extensions

Single arm overhead cable extensions

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 7/16/19 at 7:13am
Always push through until the vacation week. Be a broken man and then recover for a week haha

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/16/19 at 11:39am
Originally posted by TheJeff696 TheJeff696 wrote:

Always push through until the vacation week. Be a broken man and then recover for a week haha

That's the plan. I'm nervous though. I haven't taken more than two days in a row off in over a year. One week off lead to five years off last time, haha.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 7/16/19 at 2:29pm
This happens to me, too. I cant stand people who can take such huge breaks in training and bounce right back!! 

Push ups and air squats FTW

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/16/19 at 10:03pm
At least I know I'm going to be eating a crap ton on vacation. Hopefully, I'll put on a few pounds and come back feeling snappy and rested.

For now, training continues

7/16. Deads

135x12, 225x10, 315x5, 365x5x5, add belt 365x12

2.5" deficit deads

365x3, 405x3, 425x3x3

Barbell shrugs
225x12, 315x3x10, 225x2x12

Bent over single arm dumbell rows furda
100x5,5,5,10 each arm

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/18/19 at 10:09pm
7/18 second OHP day

Strict press. Usually do bands on this day but the racks with band pegs were taken so I just did regular type.

Barx20, 95x10, 115x8, 135x5, 155x3, 165x3,175x3x2

Pin press set at forehead level. This seems to be my sticking point, and these were terrible, but I can see the benefits. These may become a staple, as I'd really like to increase my overhead strength.

135x5, 155x2x5, 165x3, 170x3x3


Front/side raises
25s x 3x8 each way

Db curls regular then hammer style
20s x 20 each way

Cable pushdowns

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/19/19 at 3:58pm
7/19 squart
Bar x 20, 135x10, 225x7, 315x3, 365x2, 405x2, 315x5x5, add belt 315x12

Front squart
225x3,255x1,275x1, 295x1, add belt 315x2

225x12, 275x2x10, 225x6 w/ pause at the bottom

Single leg ham curls
3x10 each leg
Both legs 1x20 immediately after last set

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/27/19 at 4:37pm
Back from a wonderful week vacation. Got in around 7am after a 15 hour drive, had some appies and nappies then hit the gym. I didn't have anything programmed for today, but I felt the need to move some weight and work out some stiffness.

Barx15, 135x15, 225x8, 315x5, 365x2, 405x1,1,3
Paused squat
Front squat
Paused front squat

Good enough.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/29/19 at 9:55pm
7/29 throws

Braemar best of 31'9
Open best of 41'2"
Heavy hammer vest of 74
Light hammer best of 96
I think in figured some things out in wob. Apparently not only are you allowed to use your legs, but it's actually helpful to do so.   Who knew.

I haven't thrown in a while, so it felt good to sling some stuff even though nothing went particularly far. Good stuff.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/30/19 at 8:54pm
7/31 OHP

bar x10, 95x10, 115x8, 135x5, 145x4x4, 145x6
I was definitely feeling the fatigue from throwing yesterday. Didn't help I kept breathing at wierd times and misgrooving and letting the bar drift out front.

Me x10, +70x6, +90×4×4, +90×6

Alternating front/side raise
3x12 each way @20s

Leany single arm side laterals
2x10 per arm

Incline DB tricep extenders
25s x12, 30s x2x10

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 7/31/19 at 10:08pm
7/31 deadlift
225x10, 315x5,365x3, 395x4x4 add belt 395x10

2.5" deficit

Snatch grip barbell shrugs
I really like these. They'll probably become a staple.

Seat cable rows

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/01/19 at 5:29pm
8/1 OHP day2

Bar x a a bunch, 95x10, 115x8, 135x5, 155x3, 165x3, 175x2x1, 135x2x8

Pin press at eye level
155x2x3, 165x3x3

Just a quick one. Felt like crap going into it. Feel much better after. That was pretty much the goal for today.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 8/01/19 at 5:53pm
Whens your next games? 

You may have written it out recently but I am just far, far too lazy to look

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/01/19 at 7:17pm
Originally posted by TheJeff696 TheJeff696 wrote:

Whens your next games? 

You may have written it out recently but I am just far, far too lazy to look

August 10th. Home games in La Crosse. Woot. The plan is to finish put tomorrow with squat then do speed work and throwing Monday-Wednesday before shutting it down to rest up. I think that is what worked for me last games. I'm also too lazy to look.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 8/01/19 at 7:35pm
Haha, sounds fun! I imagine I'll be seeing you at Wisconsin games Labor day weekend? 

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/01/19 at 7:46pm
Sadly, no. I'll be in Green Bay for some camping and fishing fun that weekend.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/02/19 at 4:49pm
8/2 squat
This went very very poorly. From warmups I could tell my back was fatigued and by the time I hit my working set, my erectors felt like they were going to shoot out my back. The plan was 340x4x4 then 340x4+ but It went a little something like this:
Bar x 20, 135x10, 225x10, 315x5, 365x1, 340x4 felt like absolute shit, 340x1 that's enough of that. Plenty of strength there but I didn't feel like exacerbating the hurty back a week out fron competition. Drop down to 225x3x10 high bar slow eccentric focusing on pushing the knees out and staying completely upright. These felt good and easy, and I got a nice quad pump, so all was not lost.

225x3x10 nice and light and stretchy. That is all.

Time to rest and eat a bunch.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/05/19 at 9:23pm
8/5 Speedy OHP

Bar x20, 95x12, 115x8, 135x3, 155x3, 165x3,3,2, 135x3,3,5

That was that. In and out in half an hour. Feeling snappy

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/06/19 at 8:56pm
8/6 Speed deads

135x10, 225x10, 315x5, 365x3, 405x2,425x2x2

2.5" deficit
405x2x2, 315x3x3

Bent over DB rows

Everything felt more sluggish than I wanted, so I figured I'd go throw with Katie to get the snap back.

14lbs stone. Stands x3 best of 42
Glide x5 best of 47

42 wfd x3 best of 41'11"

Sheaf x lots. Monkey arms+ head down = big ups and no wierd hooky crap.

Wob pulls x some. Still leaving too many out front, but my good ones seem to be really good ones.

Glad Katie prodded me into throwing, even though it meant having to stop watching Detective Pikachu.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/11/19 at 7:55pm
8/10 La Crosse Irishfest Highland Games
This is our hometown games put on by Jason and Jane Clevenger. They do an amazing job every time and always make it enjoyable for the athletes and spectators. I threw okay. I ended up taking second to Luke, so that's coo.

Heavy hammer-70' blah. Broke my left blade during warm-ups. Ended up using Katie's left boot. It was very tight and her blades are slightly shorter, but it worked fine. The ground was really dry and hard and I was nervous about trying to lean into my blades. Mostly just me being a headcase.

Light hammer 98' kinda the same deal as heavy but not quite as bad.

Braemar- 29' high. This was disappointing. threw this stone 31a couple weeks ago, but couldn't seem to find the handle/tuck again.

Open- 39'8" I think. Again disappointed. Threw 42 last time. Oh well.

42lb Heavyweight- 39'11" that was fine

Lightweight- 61' trending in the right direction. Probably the highlight of the day

Caber- got a good pull on a pretty big caber but no turn. Felt like I could turn it given another chance, but it broke.

Wob-14' super disappointing. It started raining pretty hard during this but stopped before my shots away 15. I was just being a baby and doing dumb stuff. 15 should be automatic

Looking back, It was a day of ups and downs, but closer to the consistency I'm hoping for. I only fouled two throws, a heavy hammer and a heavy weight, both because I lost the implement early. That's pretty good for me. It didn't used to be uncommon for me to scratch 2,3, or even 4 throws between the two weights. As far as that goes, I'm pleased. I would have liked to perform better given that it was a home games, but it is what it is. It was a great time throwing and hanging out with everyone after, and the corned beef tacos were freaking amazing. 10/10 would recommend.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/12/19 at 8:18pm
8/12 back in the gym for some OHP

Barx20, 95x10, 115x8, 135x5, 155x3, 175x1, 185x1, 160x5, 160x3x3

Z press off pins at chin level
Bar x10, 95x2x5, 105x5, 115x2x5

These were difficult. They made my hips and hammies cramp pretty good. I need to work on the flexibility of my grundle region apparently. That being said, I think they'll be beneficial. There's no way for me to cheat them without falling over. Good stuff.

Dips were kinda hurty on my left shoulder, so I stuck to bodyweight
4x15. Shoulder felt better after doing these.

Not sure what the next thingie I did is called. I laid face down on a 45ish degree incline and did dumbell Y raises 2x15@15s

Lean away db lateral raises
3x15 per arm @ 15s.

Did cardio when I got home by chasing a woodchuck out of my neighbor's yard with a broom. Had him on the run and the little turd squared up on me. They may chuck wood, but he couldn't chuck broom.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/13/19 at 9:43pm
8/13 deads

135x10, 225x10, 315x8, 365x5, 405x5, 445x7, 405x5
Deads haven't felt good lately. I seem to have lost my snap off the floor. That being said the program for today was 445x5+ and I got 7, so I guess that's a win. There was more there, but I was being cautious since my upper and mid back were feeling wonky coming into the day. The last 405x5 was just for a wee bit of extra volume.

Snatch grip shrugs
295x4x10. Still liking these a lot.

Landmine rows with neutral grip thingie from the cable machine
3x10@160. I haven't done these before, but I like them. The only way I can do rows without flaring up my tendonitis is with a neutral grip. I'm bored with dumbell rows, so these will probably stick around for a while.

Took the dog for a nice long walk afterwards. There were two rabbits sitting right in front of him on the boulevard, and he stopped to smell a flower. Such a disappointing dog.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/15/19 at 1:45pm
8/15 OHP

Pin press at nose level
155x4x5, 155x8

Seated shoulder press pause at the bottom
60s x3x10

Then the wheels fell off. Tried to do dips, stabby pain in left shoulder. Tried to do lateral raises, stabby pain in left shoulder. This is getting annoying.

Dumbell skull crushers
30s x2x10 flat, 30sx1x10 inclined

Tricep cable pushdowns

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 8/15/19 at 3:36pm
My dog does the same shit. There could be a squirrel orgy happening in front of him, and he'd rather smell a rusty mailbox post with week old dog urine on it. 

What a let down. 

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/15/19 at 10:39pm
Right? My dog is a lab/pit mix. I thought maybe there'd be a chance he could retrieve a duck. Nope. Terrified of water along with certain hats, bikes, long grass, and doors that aren't all the way open. Luckily he's adorable.

Anywho, evening throws:
Heavy hammer:73,75,75
Light hammer:100, 100, 99, 98
Hammers felt okay. Didn't have a lot of confidence in my left boot I cobbled back together, but all things considered, thumbs up.

3 really bad throws. Wasn't pushing the weight around enough out of the back. I knew that was the case, but just didn't have the beans to do it. I figured I'd just shut it down rather than risk ingraining bad habits.

Lightweight: 57,59,57 then my hand said that was enough.

I felt pretty stiff and sore coming into this session, so I'm okay with how it went.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/16/19 at 6:13pm
8/16 squat

Bar x20,135x10,225x10,315x5,365x3,add belt, 405x2,425x1, 370x8

The prescribed work today was 370x5+ but I decided I wanted more volume since next week is another competition prep week and this is the best squat has felt in a while, so I decided to do the workout I had to pull off of two weeks ago which was 340x4x4. Felt good.

Stiff leg deads
Normally I do RDLs but wanted to switch it up.

That was that. Hopefully I'll get to throw this weekend then next week will be my normal comp prep of 2 days of speed lifting and one day of throwing before Throwing for the Cure on Saturday.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/18/19 at 10:44pm
8/18 throws
Very, very sore legs. I spent the weekend eating a bunch, sitting in the sun watching softball and swimming. A good time, but not the best scenario for great throws. Got some reps in anyway.

Braemar: best of 31
16lb stone stands: best of 37
Heavy hammer: best of 74
Light hammer: best of 98
56: best of 26

Luke gave me a good reminder to get the hammer out away from me and drag it across on the entry to the first wind. Hopefully, I'll remember that on Saturday.

Posted By: BrainSmasher
Date Posted: 8/19/19 at 12:02am
Don't forget the spooooky night time sheaf session that for some reason almost made you poop and throw up...

Luke Crowley
Everything. All the time.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/19/19 at 1:00pm
Yes, that happened as well. She was going pretty well until I got all cold sweaty and tummy turny. It was nothing a good poop and a glass of salt water couldn't cure. I think the long days in the sun this weekend got my electrolytes all out of whack. Being lactose intolerant and eating a big bowl of ice cream followed by sheafing probably didn't help either.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 8/19/19 at 2:50pm
Spooky night sheaf eh? 

You Crowleys and your desire to do stuff at night

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/19/19 at 2:58pm
We're creatures of the night.

8/19. Stop feeling like crap session

Bar x20, 95x10, 115z8, 135x5 155x3, 135x3x3
Just trying to move fast

20 minute foam rolling session. Done.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/21/19 at 9:33pm
1.5" deficit deads
135x10, 225x8, 315x5, 365x3x3

Front squats
Bar x10, 135x5,225x3, 275x4x1, 225x5 paused reps

Speedy fast reps, short rest. In and out in 40 minutes. Hopefully throw tomorrow then rest for the games Saturday. I'm jacked.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/24/19 at 11:39pm
Throwing for the Cure highland games. Awesome games all around. The waether was perfect. The Clevengers put on another amazing games. The work Jane and Jason put into making these games run smoothly is inspiring. You'd be hard pressed to find a family more dedicated to the games than them, not to mention their work with the ACS and all the money they bring in for a very worthy cause. As for the throws, they were up and down.

WOB: utter poop. Left two pretty high throws barelt out front at 14. I knew how to correct it but didn't feel like my body would do it. Tried putting a bandaid on it by taking a half step back. Made the correction I didn't think I could make and smashed the bar on the way up. Stupid me. Should have trusted my technique. 13' embarrasing.

Sheaf: 28' tied my PR so that's cool. Had the height but not the arc at 29.

Braemar:29'11" didn't feel bad, I just didn't have the pop.

Open stone: 40' that's fine

Heavyweight: 35' poop. Absolute poop. Fouled my first. Walked through my second for the mark. Gave it some beans on my third and fouled again on a better but still not great throw. Low point was off, stuck in my hand, pulled me out the front. Fiddlesticks.

Lightweight: 59' whatevs.

Heavy hammer: 76' I know there was more there, but I missed the finish. Compared to how I've been throwing though, I'll take it.

Light hammer: 105'10" highlight of the day. Hit 101 on my second, so I felt good to give it all the beans on my third and it actually worked for once.

Caber: long stick with a ridiculous bow to it. I could never tell where the crap it was at as far as it leaving my shoulder. Got one good pull on it, but it didn't want to go over. Probably about 89 degrees. Not the best end to the day, but if I just focus on light hammer and forget everything else, I feel pretty good.

I think that ends the season for me barring something unforeseen happening. I'm still going to try to throw at least once a week until the weather turns to crap. This was my best season in a long, long time, but still much room for improvement obviously.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 8/25/19 at 10:01am
Great work dude. And all thanks to not benching too! 

Now, can we convince Luke to stop benching? 


Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/25/19 at 7:42pm
I made the suggestion to him. He'll wait a year or two then stop benching and act like it was a revolutionary idea he came up with all on his own. That's how he do.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 8/26/19 at 10:46am
Typical Luke! 

I'll be sure to point out this thread to him to keep him in his place

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/26/19 at 9:01pm


Z Press
These have definitely exposed me when it comes to my terrible shoulder mobility. It's damn near impossible for me to get my head through on these. Good core work though.

Landmine press
4x8 per arm @95

Single arm leanie lateral raises
4x10 per arm w/ 30 seconds rest between sets

Chest supported incline Y raises

Single arm machine flies/ pushup superset
4x10 each arm/4x10

Overhead cable extensions/facepull superset
4x12 each

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/27/19 at 9:44pm
8/27 throws

56lb heavyweight- poop. Had one good throw while warming up. Everything in the trig was poop. Very leanie. Not good at all

28- had a couple okay throws. Luke pointed out that I'm not acting on the weight early enough going into my first turn. Long, low sweep out of the back and whathaveyou. I was able to do it once, but the speed surprised me and I wasn't able to finish well. I think there's something to that though. I started doing wierd stuff after that though.

14lb stone- overall pretty bad. I felt like I was hitting okay positions in parts, but I had no pop.

My weights and wob are definitely my weakest point at least as far as consistency goes. I'm going to try to do what I did that helped my hammers get better: throw them every practice at least a couple times, especially lightweight, which I hate because it hurts my hand. I may have to get used to throwing with a strap. It's just such a frustrating event for me. It's light and I'm not that incredibly weak, so I know my problem is at least mostly technical. I do not enjoy the intricacies of the event. Seemingly minuscule changes make a huge difference. Sigh. Today was just an overall not great day. Next practice will be better. Rant over.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/28/19 at 2:58pm
8/28 deadlifts
6x3@395 1×12@395
These started off bad and got progressively better. I've been having trouble off the floor lately, so I want back to my old technique and that seems to have improved things greatly.

1.5" deficits

Snatch grip shrugs
3x8@275,315,315, 1×12@225

Landmine rows

Dumbell rows
2x5 each arm@100s my hands hurt

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 8/30/19 at 2:06pm
8/30 another bad feeling squat day. Very sore upper and mid back from Wednesday's workout.
Bar x15, 135x10, 225x5, 315x5, back pump setting in. Throw on a belt for 365x3, 405x2, 335x6x3, 335x6. Not good but at least I got it done

Front squat 4x3@245

Stiff leg deads 4x8@245

Then I ate a seafood chimichanga. I, to the F'n love, seafood chimichangas.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/03/19 at 2:05pm
9/3 deads/OHP

Deads 435x5x3. Last set was supposed to be an AMRAP, but these felt so terrible overall, I just did another 3 and called it good with a few in the tank.

OHP 4x3@155, 1x5@155
Z Press 4x8 @95
Landmine rows/press superset
3x12 each thingie @120

I squished two workouts into one since this will be a short week with yesterday being a holiday, and tomorrow birthday dinner with the parents, and Thursday Packer game. Not ideal, but it'll do.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/03/19 at 9:15pm
9/3 later. Throws

42lb heavyweight. Took a whole lot of reps. Everything felt nice and smooth and linear but didn't go very far except one 40+. The amount of beans to amount of distance was pretty good though. Translating what Luke told me to do in the 28 seemed helpful with the 42. I also forgot my chalk so I was a little tentative.

15.5lb stone. Lots of reps again. Best stand 37' best fulls 40+ nothing over 42. Felt good just kind of blah as far as energy goes.

Wob pulls with no hook grip. Lots left out front. The last 5 or so I got to arc. Not sure how high they were going but that wasn't really the point. I'm really hoping I'll get another competition this year. I'm looking at you, Brian Hare

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/06/19 at 10:08pm
9/6 another Friday, another blah squat workout. This is a discouraging pattern. I'm going to blame it on poor sleep this time. I was all sorts of jacked after the Packer game. Combine that with my dog insisting on sleeping directly on me and I didn't get to sleep until 2am, up at 5 for work, work 12 hours, right to the gym. If anyone reads these and thinks "what's with the long winded entries? Just log the lifts and get on with it rabble rabble rabble." Well I'm looking for patterns. What sets me up well for strength/throws and what doesn't. Also, for Jeff Kaste. Luke stopped logging and I feel like that's left a void in Jeff's life. A snack void, mostly, but a void nonetheless.

Anypoop, squats.
Barx15, 135x10, 225x5, 315x5, belt, 365x3, 405x2, 435x1, 375x4x3, 375x5

Front squat

Stiff leg deads

I think I'm going to give the juggernaut a rest after this cycle. I've been running it for over a year. I don't think the program has stopped working, but I need a change. I'm thinking some iteration of 5/3/1 probably with Boring but Big as I feel high reps are helpful. That should be changey enough. I'm sure I'll return the loving arms of the juggernaut eventually.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/07/19 at 1:23pm
9/7 throws
42- lots of throws. A few over 40. Most in the 38-39 range. These felt really good especially out of the back. Even my walkthrough warm ups were going 36-37. That tells me I'm at least able to hit decent positions. Also, where set up the trig there was a pretty good uphill slope after about 36 feet so that's cool.

15.5lb open stone. Front throws up to 34. Stands up to 38. About 6 fulls between 39 and 41. I'm happy enough with that.

Wob pulls. I think I've found the technique that works for me. I just need to drill it until it's repeatable every time then I can work on adding mustard at the right points in the throw. Right now it's still inconsistent especially if I try to give it some gas. I know my problem is that I don't sit on then weight long enough and I pull too soon which puts it into a long arc that leaves it out front. I know this. I cue myself every time and execute about 65% of the time.

Took some one turns with the 42 at the end with a strap just to see how it feels. I think I understand how to throw these now, but the strap still messes with my release sometimes. Other than that, it was the best one turns have ever felt.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 9/09/19 at 11:20am
Originally posted by Andy Crowley Andy Crowley wrote:

Also, for Jeff Kaste. Luke stopped logging and I feel like that's left a void in Jeff's life. A snack void, mostly, but a void nonetheless.

Luke punched a hole in my heart with his big, meaty claws when he stopped logging. You're the wall putty that is going to fill that void. 

And for that, I appreciate you. 

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/09/19 at 9:13pm
I appreciates you appreciating me.

9/9 OHP
barx10, 95x8, 115x5, 135x3, 155x3, 165x2, 175x2, 185x1
175 was supposed to be a 3+, so that's disappointing. The first two reps were pretty easy, but then I had to breathe. I lost my brace and ended up pushing the bar out away from me. There was no coming back from that. Oh well.

Z Press
95x8, 115x5, 125x2x4, 115x5

Landmine press
Single arm

Single arm lateral raises
20s x3x12

Skull crushers

Cable pushdowns

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/09/19 at 9:16pm
Originally posted by TheJeff696 TheJeff696 wrote:

Originally posted by Andy Crowley Andy Crowley wrote:

Also, for Jeff Kaste. Luke stopped logging and I feel like that's left a void in Jeff's life. A snack void, mostly, but a void nonetheless.

Luke punched a hole in my heart with his big, meaty claws when he stopped logging. You're the wall putty that is going to fill that void. 

And for that, I appreciate you. 

Also, did Luke tell you about his former penchant for punching holes in things or was that just a coincidental analogy? I think there is still a t-shirt tacked to the wall in his old room covering a meaty claw sized hole.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 9/10/19 at 7:13am
HAHA completely coincidental. But I think that somehow, I always knew...

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/10/19 at 9:43pm
Ha, can confirm.

Came in feeling poopy after work. Tight back. No motivation. Considering that, I'm pretty happy with how today went.

135x10, 225x8, 315x3, 365x3, 405x3, 435x1, 455x1, 475x3 was supposed to be 3+ but it wasn't. The reps weren't grindy at all, but I felt a little tweaky tweak where my right hamstring meets my right butt. Nothing serious, but I wanted to keep it that way.i didn't have time to roll the bottom of my feet on my la crosse ball before hand, so that may have contributed. Nothing loosens up my hammies like rolling out my feet. Try it. I dare ya.

Snatch grip shrugs
225x10, 275x3x10

Landmine rows

20 minutes on the la crosse ball.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/11/19 at 5:04pm
9/11 Throws

42- I turns x3 best off 33. Still bad at these but getting better. Fulls x10ish best of 40. Same deal as last session.

Open stone. Fronts x3 best of 32. Stabds x4 best of 37. Fulls x4 best of 39. Again pretty much the same as last session.

Wob pulls x6 all of them arced but one. That's great for me. Dialing it in

I need to get over to Luke's and steal some implements. I miss hammers.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/12/19 at 2:08pm
9/12 randomish stuff

Standing pin press at eye level
95x10, 115x8, 135x8, 155x5, 165x2x4, 135x2x10
These felt bad today and I figured they would, but Luke got me a new belt for my birthday. It's an Olympic weightlifting style belt and I really wanted to try it out. Oh yeah, and it has friggin storm troopers all over it! It felt good. I'm excited to try it for throws and deadlift. I'm going to stick with my lever belt for squats though I think.

Smith machine high incline
135x10, 185x4x8, 135x10
I've found that if I don't let the bar go below chin level with a wider geip and don't over tuck my elbows, these don't hurt my shoulder. It's not optimal, but I feel like completley neglecting my chest is a bad idea.

Lean away db lateral raises
20s x3x10 each arm 30 seconds rest between sets

Single arm fly machine
4x10 each arm


Trying to find ways to work my chest without pain really sucks.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 9/12/19 at 5:12pm
What about dips?

Those may still hurt. I think your best bet is cable flys until death

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/12/19 at 7:16pm
Originally posted by TheJeff696 TheJeff696 wrote:

What about dips?

Those may still hurt. I think your best bet is cable flys until death

Sadly dips are excruciating in the bottom position. I love them, especially the weighted variety, but I'd have to cut the ROM so much to alleviate the pain that I think it would just render them useless. I noticed you do floor presses. Maybe thay could be another option I could utilize. I know they are mostly meant to overload the triceps, but I would think there would have to be some chest activation. Plus, stronger triceps never hurt anything.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 9/12/19 at 7:23pm
At this point in my life, bigger, more defined pecs will get me no where. I'd rather have a bigger back. So getting my triceps as strong as possible is the way I cope with it. I think floor presses are a good alternative. Try it out, it feels weird at first (cause of the whole not going all the way down thing) but they're nice!

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/12/19 at 7:47pm
I'm not so much worried about getting bigger pecs although that would be nice. I'm more worried about potential for greater injury that could stem from muscular imbalance. My back is fairly overdeveloped in comparison to my chest. It's probably not a big deal, but it's something I think about. Neglecting an entire muscle group just seems like a recipe for disaster. I'm a bizzaro gym bro in that respect. I skip chest day.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 9/13/19 at 7:26am
Completely understandable. I say a healthy dose of Pec Deck for the rest of your life is in order. That should keep the floppy chest at bay

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/13/19 at 12:36pm
It's so boring though! I can't bench. I can't do curls. Do I even lift bro?

Friday the 13th spooky squats
Barx10, 135x10, 225x8, 315x5, 365x3, 405x6,2,2,2,3
Program was to work up to a 3+ @405. I got my six but craved a little more volume, hence the next 4 sets. This is the best squat has felt in a while. I was looking forward to it all week because my wife bought me some Strong Sleeves. I effing love them. Great compression, great warmth, and more than anything, peace of mind. Pain free knees. Love it.

Front squat
225x3,260x3, 285x3, 285x2, 295x3

Stiff leg deads

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/14/19 at 6:06pm
9/14 throws

Heavy hammer best of 77'
Light hammer 2 winds best of 102. Bladeless 3 winds 97. Blades 3 winds 103. I think the series I hit in hammers this practice was probably my best ever. That's encouraging especially since I haven't touched a hammer since my last comp.

Lightweight- best of 59' kinda started figuring things out on my finish then I ripped my hand so that was that. I still don't get this event.

Sheaf pulls felt fine. Minimal weird stuff.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/14/19 at 10:05pm
More different time but still 9/14

Bench! What sorcery is this you ask? Well, I took what I learned from incline bench the other day and says to my self "self, maybe you can apply what worked there to flat bench." So, I tried it. I widened my grip and focused on really retracting my scapula as hard as I can and keeping my forearms stacked better by not over tucking my elbows along with touching higher on my chest. It all felt very weird and unnatural but not hurty, and I was able to move some weight. Sets went a little something like this:
Weird progression, I know but I was just feeling things out. For such a long layoff and a complete technique overhaul, I'm pretty happy with that. I'm not sure if bench will be coming back on a weekly basis, but it's nice to know I can work around this stupid shoulder dealie.

Smith machine incline
135x10, 185x8, 205x3x5

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/16/19 at 1:10pm
9/16 the beginning of a screwin' around phase. Could be one week, could be multiple weeks. Not sure yet. This week will be generally low stress/deload.

2" deficit deads
Everything moved fast which was the goal. Glad I was able to keep a good brace since my core was pretty well shot from all the hammer volume on Saturday.

Landmine neutral grip rows

Wide, but not quite snatch grip shrugs

Neutral grip pullups
I'm not good at these at all, so I'm actually pretty happy with this. Kept everything nice and strict. I've neglected vertical pulling for a long time because of my biceps tendonitis, but neutral grip doesn't hurt it. I'm going to be working these in more. Maybe add weight eventually.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/17/19 at 1:28pm
9/17 OHP


Z Preas

4x8@me,me, +45,+45

Single arm lateral raises


V bar cable pushdowns

I was able to do dips again, yay! Somehow, benching again seems to have fixed my shoulders. Scapular retraction is vital to keeping things pain free though.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/17/19 at 9:08pm
Still 9/17 Throws

56- took about 5 warmup throws. All around 25-26.

42- 6 or so throws all 38-39

Braemar- lots of throws. We were losing daylight so Luke and I just went back to back for like 10 minutes. Everything over 30. Most 31-32. I just can't seem to stay on this stone for crap.

Back to 42 because I don't know. Probably 8 more throws everything 38-39.5. Just focused on hitting a good power position and getting good lift and leg drive. Went rapid fire one after another with Luke again on these. He went 59. Makes me sad. There's levels to this shit, apparently.   

That was all she wrote. I feel pretty good about it.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 9/18/19 at 9:05am
That Luke is a real dream killer! 

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/19/19 at 8:07pm
9/19 benchie bench

4x8@185. I had no idea if I'd be able to do this after my long layoff. I figured I'd fatigue and poop out. I didn't, and I'm super happy about that. It felt good and easy and most importantly, not hurty.

Incline bench
This was weird. The Smith machine was taken so I went with regular type. Even when I used to bench, I pretty much never did incline barbell, so there's a bit of a feeling out process. I'm not a huge fan of the angle of the bench, and I kept hitting the j-cups on the way up, so that was irksome. I got it done though. I feel like a douche not going all the way down to my chest, and I think I lose some pop because of it but shoulder health over ego, I suppose. Hopefully, I can work my way back to full ROM eventually.

Single arm cable crossover things
4x8 per arm. 2 sets low pulley, 2 sets high pulley

Neutral grip pullups
I want to get better at these. Partially for strength and partially because I think they're cool and am jealous of people who can do pullups. I do dead hang between each rep because I'm really bad at them and that allows me to collect myself, think about what I'm doing, rally the troops, and give it all the beans.

Neutral grip pushups on dumbbells
The dumbells kept rolling out on me, so that was interesting. Last set was 10, rest pause, 5 more.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/20/19 at 9:43pm
9/20 squat

Back squat
Barx15, 135x10, 225x5, 315x3, 365x3, 405x2, 425x2
Didn't really have a plan for this and they didn't feel great, and I knew I had a good bit of front squat volume, so I left it at that.

Front squat
These felt about how high rep fronts usually feel. Hard to breath, verge of passing out, warped bar rolling on me. Legs preformed admirably though.

Stiff leg deads

My log is going to get pretty boring from here on out. I've decided to program my main accessory lifts with a boring old 4 week LP. Week 1- 4x8, week 2-4x6, week 3-6x4, week 4- 8x3, rinse, repeat. I've just been "going by feel" to this point. I've just been trying to do some arbitrary amount of "more" each week whether it be adding weight, adding reps, or shortening rest times. It seems to have worked fine, but it's difficult to quantify progress. We'll see how this goes.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/22/19 at 8:25pm
9/21 screwing around at Barbell Underground (my oldest brother's basement gym in Madison) I missed basement lifting. It's the environment in which I really fell in love with lifting, and it was nice to get back to it if only for a day.

There was no real structure to anything. I was kind of hoping to pull something heavy, but I quickly realized that my leg workout the previous day was going to make that a not so good idea. I hit 455 for one beltless and one belted single. Neither felt good, so that was that. We did some landmine viking press with sweet Titan Viking Press attachment. Worked up to whatever 4 plates is for theee strict reps then threw on another 25 and did some push presses. That felt really good. Didn't bug my shoulders or knees like barbell tends to. I then set the family pullup record at 6 reps, haha. I did them pronated and it didn't hurt as much as it used to but still a bit of discomfort. I'll stick to neutral. there was some random body curls, hacky sack, eating, and other shenanigans. All in all it was a great time and made me quite sore.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/23/19 at 8:34pm
9/23 OHP
Doing the most basic original 5/3/1 template. Tonight was 5,5,5+
115x5, 135x5, 145x8. I finished that and didn't really feel like I did anything so I did another 3,3,5@145. I'm already going off script. Good sign of things to come, haha.

Z Press


Lean away single arm lateral raises
4x8 each arm@25

Skull crushers

Cable kickbacks


Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/24/19 at 8:42pm
9/24 deadlift

Today was rough. I had a pounding headache, and I forgot I deadlifted on Saturday, so I was a wee bit fatigued.

325x5, 375x5, 425x8

That's only one rep off my PR at that weight, so that's not terrible all things considered. Had I known what my PR was going into the set, ai probably would have done more. I'm glad I didn't know.

Pull ups
Wasn't sure if I'd be able to do this, but I did, so dats coo. Still bad at these.

Landmine rows

2" deficit deads

About halfway through my rows, I realized I forgot deficits. That was a bad feeling. I was already cashed, but I had to get it done. I'm glad I'm not a very good deadlifting. Loading and unloading the bar sucks.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/25/19 at 8:35pm
9/25 throws

Heavy hammer: 4 throws. Best series of my life. 78, 81, 84, 82
Added a wind. It payed off.

Light hammer: probably 8ish throws. Mostly garbage. A couple of 103s though. Couldn't hit a finish to save my life for the most part.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/26/19 at 1:42pm
9/26 bench and jackin' around

Bench 5x6@195 nice and easy. Pretty painless after warming up and locking in my form.

Smith machine incline
5(possibly 6)x6@205 I lost count of how many sets I did. I know it was at least 5

Luke was deadlifting and I'm dumb, so I took a couple pulls. Got 435 for a double overhand single and a 385 double overhand deficit single. The deadlift bar at the gym is so nice and skinny for my baby hands. They felt really good.

After that, Luke talked me into doing some hang cleans. I worked up to 225x3. The pull felt awesome and they were flying. The catch is still awkward, but the explosiveness is good which is the goal.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/27/19 at 2:12pm
9/27 skwaaat

275x5, 315x5, 355x10 woo

5x6@245 brutal. Not a lot of weight, but a lot of volume for not being able to breathe.

Stiff leg deads

I got the jelly legs

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/30/19 at 2:03pm
9/30 OHP

I woke up with very sore shoulders the last couple days. I'm not ready to freak out and blame bench quite yet, but I may be leaning that way. Time will tell.

Strict press 3,3,3+
120x3, 140x3, 155x7. Yay

Z Press

Dips hurt

Seated smith machine OHP

Skull crushers
6x4@35s on the EZ curl bar

Overhead cable extensions

Cable pushdowns

Face pulls

I hope my shoulders are just being babies, and I don't have to quit benching again. If I do though, not the end of the world.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 9/30/19 at 6:45pm
Also 9/30. Throws

42- 3 one turns best of 31
2 turns best of 40 pretty whatevers. My right shoulder was a little hurry on the initial push out of the back so I took a few beans off my entry.

Open stone- 3 stands best of 40. That was cool

Some glides best of 41 high. Less cool

6 wob pulls. 5/6 arced. Trending in the right direction.

Posted By: BrainSmasher
Date Posted: 10/01/19 at 12:41am
One turns are a thing!

Luke Crowley
Everything. All the time.

Posted By: TheJeff696
Date Posted: 10/01/19 at 6:54am
One turns can go STRAIGHT to hell!

Jeff Kaste

"I think there's a Squatch in these woods..."

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 10/01/19 at 2:20pm
I'm team Jeff on this one. F one turns.

10/1 deads


355, 380, 425x9. One more than last week! Woot. My plus set ended up being the same weight as last week because after reading why Jim Wendler recommends using a training max, it made good sense to me so that's what I done starting with this workout.

2.5" deficits

5×6@ +15. Felt silly with an adorable purple kettlebell dangling between my legs, but I'm actually really happy with this. Pullups are progressing nicely.

Neutral grip landmine rows

Single arm db rows
2x5 each arm @100s

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 10/02/19 at 9:15pm
10/2 bench n such

Bench 6x4@205
I was nervous about potential hurties on this but it felt fine. Everything moved nice and fast as it should. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Struggled to to find my groove on these but when I did they were good. When I missed it, they were considerably less good.

5x3 first rep from the floor then 2 hangs @205. Cleans from the floor are wierd. I've never been good at them. These were nice and snappy though. it's nice to be able to do these again.

Posted By: Andy Crowley
Date Posted: 10/04/19 at 9:33pm
Texas sized 10/4 squat

295, 335, 375x10 woot. I think that's a rep PR. I'm sick for the first time in well over a year. Pretty sure I have the plague aka I'm pretty stuffy and fell kinda blah. Pretty sure those are symptoms of the plague. Anyway, I debated whether or not to lift today. If it was earlier in the week, I probably wouldn't have, but knowing I've got the weekend to recover, I said F it. I'm glad I did. Everything felt great for whatever reason.

Front squat
6x4@255. Probably should have gone a little heavier, but it's fine.

Stiff leg deads
6x4@295. Same deal as fronts.

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